Therése Paul, M.S., R.D., CPC

Add energy to your life! Your host, Therése Paul, is a well known Registered Dietitian, Certified Life and Wellness Coach who for over 20 years has helped thousands of people change their lives by improving their overall health and well being.

She shares her professional expertise and interviews other experts on nutrition and fitness, emotional and financial health, and spiritual wellness to give you practical solutions for improving your overall healthy lifestyle.

While Therése admits she really enjoys coaching on the bike or hiking trail, she has worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds in a variety of settings including clinics, schools, homes, and hospitals.

Now she is helping people across the globe as part of Dave Pratt’s Star Worldwide Network with her weekly show “Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle!”

If you’ve tried any of the hundreds of fad diets or quick lifestyle changes out there, you know that short term fixes and fad diets don’t work and people are tired of wasting good money and feeling miserable.  Improving health requires behavior change – but it’s one easy step at a time. Many, many people are learning how to make these changes from Therese’s words of wisdom on nutrition and fitness, emotional and financial health, and spiritual wellness.

Every show has entertaining and valuable insights from exclusive interviews with celebrities and experts in special areas important to improving health and wellness! Plus, Therése includes questions from her listeners along with easy and delicious meal suggestions. It’s an hour each week of entertaining, informative and valuable steps on YOUR Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle.

So, are you tired of paying good money for short-term fixes that don’t solve your health issues? Does your dieting make you feel like you’re dying?

Well there is good news – a healthy lifestyle is fun, energetic, and exciting!

Add some positive energy to your life! Start getting healthier today with Therése Paul. Listen, subscribe and join Therése as she explores all aspects of a healthy lifestyle!


Here is what her clients have to say!

“I am so happy with my weight loss and increased energy and could not have done it without Therése! D.P. – Rapid City, SD
“For me, it was one small step at a time and the accountability that Therése provided that helped me lose the weight!” R.H. – Wheeling, IL
“…an uncanny ability to put you at ease and build self-confidence in the context of reviewing progress toward life goals” S.C. – Canton, OH



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